Making a lifetime commitment!

In 1996, Partners for Pets was nothing more than a few people’s passion for helping animals that faced certain death at the Spokane County shelters. That passion has resulted in a successful volunteer-based non-profit organization. Partners for Pets is the last voice for animals, speaking for them when they have run out of options.

Our organization rescues cats scheduled to be euthanized, provides them with any needed veterinary care including sterilization, and then works to find them permanent and loving homes. For every animal that we place, we are back at the shelter rescuing another one.

We are working to

  • increase the number of rescues and adoptions,
  • educate the community about the tremendous overpopulation problem,
  • assist families in selecting animals that fulfill their particular needs, and
  • end the needless euthanasia of companion animals in our community.

Our board meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. on the third Monday of every month at our adoption center and are open to the public.